We would like to present Vis to our guests at it’s best, it’s history, culture and natural beauties. Re-live the islands turbulent and charismatic past, experience the Adriatic, get a taste of Vis, the island of mistery and hidden beauty!


1. THE GREEN CAVE & ISLAND BUDIHOVAC – A visit to the Green cave and an all-day stay at the desert island Budihovac. This is a boat trip combined with sight-seeing of the Green cave. After the sight seeing, we leave for the desert island Budihovac, where we`ll spend the day swimming, sun-bathing and enjoying Vis cuisine specialties such as fish, the Vis bun, wine and herb brandy.

2. BLUE CAVE & ISLAND BISHEVO (MODRA SPILJA & BIŠEVO) – A visit to the Modra spilja, Medvjeđa spilja (Sea-focas cave), followed by trekking over island Bishevo. A visit to the church of St. Silvester, wine and herb brandy “tasting” at aunt Dina`s place and a Komiža dialect class in the old school. The trip ends with swimming in the Porat cove (sand beach). Lunch arrangement can be made.

3. THE St. BJOŽ TRIP – Trekking into the untouched nature, to the hill of St. Bjož above the town Komiža and a visit to the abandoned villages. Fish on grill, coffe made on the stone made fire-place in a 200 years old stone-built house.

4. THE QUEENS CAVE (Illyrian queen Teuta cave) – Departure by van/jeep to the Okjucina village, the most hidden village on the northwest side of the island of Vis. After 45 minutes hiking through the greenest part of the island we will arrive to the Queen’s Cave, karst cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Cave is located on the vertical cliff 70 m above the sea. The cave consists of five caverns and the passages that connect them, with a total length of 60 m. The name Queen’s cave is connected to the Illyrian Queen Teuta who ruled in the 3rd-2nd centuries BC. Archaeological excavation took place in the cave on two occasions, but it has never been excavated completely. The results show that the cave was temporarily inhabited during the late Stone Age (Neolithic), and much more frequently during the Bronze age, particularly in the early phases. The beauty of the cave is a precious geological and archaeological jewel of the island of Vis. Back to Komiza in the early evening hours.
HALF-DAY TRIP —-> Book this trip!

5. TITO`S CAVE (TITOVA SPILJA)a visit to the cave where Tito used to live during World War 2, followed by climbing onto Hum, the peak of island, with a beautiful view of the city Komiža and whole island, and the setting of the sun into the sea.- 2-3 HOUR TRIP –

6. MILITARY HISTORY Visit the JNA (Yugoslav national army) catacombs (up to a hundred meters long catacombs), and the Vis forts built by the English and Austrians during their rule. – 2-3 HOUR TRIP-

7. THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF VIS (ISSA)Get to know the town`s historical and cultural landmarks. The churches, the Roman spas, the museum the Chech villa and the English graveyard- 2-3 HOUR TRIP -8. THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF KOMIŽAThe cultural and historical landmarks of the town of Komiža and its surroundings. Churches, the fishing museum and the Palagruža archeologoical exibition.- 2-3 HOUR TRIP –

9. BOAT TRIP AROUND THE ISLANDSwimming in the island`s beautiful coves (Zaglav, Stončica, Stiniva etc) You have the oportunity to see every cove and every part of the island from sea. Lunch arrangements can be made. – ALL DAY TRIP –

10. STONČICA COVE A visit to the one of the largest lighthouses in south Adriatic and swimming in the beautiful Stončica cove (sand beach).- ALL-DAY OR HALF-DAY TRIP –

11. SCUBA DIVING For detailed information click scuba diving

12. PARAGLIDINGYou can fly tandem on a paraglide kite with skilled instructors and see Vis from the sky.

13. If you wish, you can also visit the islands Palagruža and/or Svetac- ALL-DAY TRIP –

14. If you want more, we`ll reveal the islands best kept secrets to you.